Breeders of German Shepherds in Elizabethton TN

  From West Germany & Hungarian Bloodline   Located in Elizabethton TN


                                 Buy Your High                                   quality German  shepherd  Puppy  With  Confidence.

                   Excellent Backround & Bloodline, 

Very strong protection with lively temperament.
Good for active lifestyles.


We will not sell a dog that we would'nt  buy for ourself.


Please understand that we have the right to deny

anyone who we do not  feel comfortable  with

placing a puppy into their home.And also we have 

people wanting a puppy right way,most times

litters are sold before they are even

born,and if you placed a deposit on a puppy 

there will be NO refunds 

You can see our dogs on YouTube. Click HERE

                        Our  Male  ***Roko***(Oscar)

                         RIP Peanut Von willowspring




New owners that purchased a Willowspringshepherd puppy.09/13/13


     And please Micro chip your pups as soon

as possible,to many puppies have been stolen.

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Notice , prices are firm. If you cannot afford the price you cannot afford our puppies.There are many breeders whom you can buy cheap, if cheap is what your looking for .Please understand we do not buy cheap dogs, like most backyard breeders do.Our shipping cost more  then what most people pay for their breeding dogs.


If you are using Paypal there is a 5%extra charge that they charge us ,we except checks for deposit and Only Cash at pickup of puppy.No exception at pickup Cash ONLY

 Our New email address is : willowspringshepherds@yahoo.com

We have a few New Stud dogs for approved females ,that has joined the willowspringShepherd  team that is located in Georgia & Kentucky  .






The role Cairo the Navy SEAL dog played in taking out Osama bin Laden may still be shrouded in secrecy, but America’s favorite terrorist-hunting hound has inspired a surge in demand for German shepherds.“You’ll see a lot more people wanting a personal dog because of what the Navy did with that SEAL dog,” Even before the bin Laden raid vaulted the military working dog’s most iconic breed to star status, German shepherds had been climbing the American Kennel Club rankings. Last year, it was the second most popular breed, up from fourth in 2005.

We bring you top pedigree West German show line German Shepherds from European parents at a fraction of the price of big kennels so that families can afford to own one of these magnificent, high quality K-9s.


From day 1 all our puppies interact with children


Please if you have Questions please feel free to call us 423-474-3062,emailing us may take some time.

   Click Here to see  Available Puppies


     Aldobói Viki   

SchH1 (VK-1), Kkl-1

AD, BH, hips=A stamped

V rated excellent big (top of the breed standard), strong, beautiful female. In fact, this Female  has been awarded the KKL1, is highly recommended for breeding certification, for life!!! 

Below and to the left are Viki's puppies from last year.

                    New T shirts  

We only deal with AKC ,they are excellent people to work with, and they're the only ones we trust with pedigree's. We do NOT deal with CKC at all,so if you have a female in heat and is CKC ,please find another kennel to deal with. And we will not sell any puppy to anyone  intending to breed with a CKC dog.

And please choose a Vet that has knowledge of a  German Shepherd.

If you are local ,I suggest Mountain Empire In Johnson City Tn or Pinecrest animal hospital ,Dr Scott or Dr Lilly ,phone #(423) 282-3771= Mountain empire    





 Cilck on the icon and  transfer  to AKC to read on German Shepherds,that way you can learn on how a Shepherds should look like and what to expect.

 When your All alone and you are scared ,Our 4 legged friends are there,they are  better then any Electronic Security Systems out there. They will watch your back against attackers, and love you as their Best friends. They can warn you before an alarm would ever go off .




It should be a crime, what some people do (Back Yard  breeders ) to make a extra  buck. When back yard breeders buy a breeding dog they don't always try to buy the best or at least a good quality dog, instead they go and buy the cheapest ,and probably with No Papers that a good breeder didn't believe to be high quality for breeding ,then the back yard breeder pay's $15.00 to CKC and get a pet quality animal registered ,worthless paper ,then  they breed it to what ever and get a what ever puppy, and the cycle continues. Look around for a reputable breeder ,ask questions,and don't participate in this cruel way some people reproduce dogs. Stay away from any dealer that has or tries to sell you a CKC (Continental Kennel Club)animal ,and then calls them  a champion pedigree.


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