Do you have a puppy with a  floppy ear ?

Well for one ,you might need to stop rubbing there ears while they are puppies,and the  other reason is if you have another dog who likes to tug  and pull on there ears while they are puppies, you need to stop them, you need to take care of them ears,if by 4 months you don't see them up and down ,start giving the Coral calcium , do not let your children grab hold of them ,they are not handle bars on a bike ,If for the first  8 months you feed them a good quality  puppy,like Purina Puppy chow ,or theres Blue puppy food ,dont buy  sams dog or puppy there are made realy cheap, and not bother them ears ,you should have no problems.OHHHH and I almost forgot the most inportant thing ,make sure you keep your dogs ears clean ,because if they get an ear infection they will drop ,40 % of the time,depends how bad there ears get.But if you need help with the ears taping was the old fashion way ,now you use tear mender glue ,it last for up to 3-4 months and you got to know what you are doing,but it works

If you need to use it ,Call us and we will guide you through it .

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Ear Mender Excellent for holding up ears if your puppy has weak ears ,most time dogs,puppies like to lay near the wall pushing there ears against anything that can bend the cartilage,and little children who love to pull and tug on there ears,well even adults do it (RUBBING),that can cause floppy ears,Now this product can be used on all dogs ,all you have to do is with a Q tip dab a few drops on both  tips,about 1/2 inch from the top on their fur only of the ear and press together for at least 1 min,now please do not put a lot on them ,it would be better if 2 people do it ,1 can hold the dog steady why the other tends to the ear,This glue with stay on for at least 3 months until the ear regenerates it self.This glue is water proof and if you need to you can hem up your pants to with this product ,It has NO harmfull chemicals in it.We have been using this for at least 4 years and never had a problem.If you need it call up we sell it for $6.95 + shipping so dont fret, we always has a solution to help you with your new puppy.

 Tear Mender Glue ---We sell it for $6.95 + 3.95 shipping