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One of our puppy we sold,Juno pictured below 

Father Is :V1  Mambo vom Thüringer-Weg -2001 SG42 German  Sieger Show (Youth) 2002 V74 German Sieger Show
SchH3, Kkl1a
picture below : V1 Mambo Thüringer-Weg 

Duke's Dad   

Pats best friend Duke,he is a short coat male

 Mellow after a long run,she's tired

Above is Mellow at 11 months old

This is TORI Von Willowspring,a very large boned puppy 


 Picture above :Ultimate female sold to Bob in North Carolina

Tori a VERY large boned female at 3&1/2 month old. 


Above is  Mellow and her puppies (2008)

 His name  is SZIGETI László. he has been working with German  Shepherd dogs since 1977.

The first Viernheimi puppy was born in 1983 in Hungary, that`s when his  kennel was founded.He's  been a judge and a circle-judge since 1992.

 Peanut & Max Litter Below- Dec 25 th 2010

 Cracker lives in Virginia

She  is a puppy from our 2008 litter from Mellow & Duke.


Newest member of the Willowspringshepherds







              Max on right




left picture :Grand Daughhter with Mellow



 Max has a great bite work

        Max is retired

 Price for stud fee is $ 1000.00

 Picture below is Deisel at 8 weeks of age

 Grandmother Jara from West Germany

 Deisel & Gator take up a Queens size bed at Lori & Bill's house

This is Peanut below

Rebel with his new Owner  Delores

 Picture on the left and above is MAX

 Below is Mellow at 12 months when we got her

Above is Mellow relaxing after 30 hours of traveling from Europe

These puppies Belong to GRUNWALD HAUS now ,they have two of our females( AGI ) the mother of puppies and ( Dutchess) who are Duke and Mellows kids



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Gorby is Max's Dad 

 Hans Vom


 4 month old