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Oct 15 

   I wanted to make sure to sent you a couple of pics of my wonderful boy. He has been such a blessing to us, and we love him so much. I am going to start looking for a female soon. A beautiful boy like Ares deserves to have his line continue on. I could not have asked for a better companion or protector. Thank you so much!

Hercules has really done well.  He turned 2 years old in June.  I really am enjoying him.  i have two months old  new horse who have become his buddies.


 Good morning Bob and Pat. I hope this finds you and your family well. I just wanted to update you on my puppy, a male from Peanut and Max. He is such a joy, and absolutely the best, smartest and easiest puppy to raise I have had to date, and I have raised lots of puppies!
He is wonderful with my two year old even though he is just now about twelve weeks and still so young. He is very soft mouthed, learns extremely quickly and is very obedient. He is also very very cuddly. I have enclosed some pictures and will continue to update you on our progress.
Thank you so much for its amazing dog .

Amy Teague 10/23/2013

 Hi Bob & Pat...sorry it took so long to write. Just sending you a couple of pictures of Leo. We love having him! We left for vacation to Europe & just returned, it was the first time that we were away from Leo. Scot and I missed him so much while we were gone! He has now finished obedience class and is starting off leash training Monday. His ears are standing great now! He keeps us on our toes and brings such joy to our home! Thanks again for everything...

sincerely,Scot & Shawna

 Hi Bob and Pat.

We've been meaning to send you a recent picture of Max. He was from your  litter from Peanut. He is doing great. Took him for a check up last week and at 5 months he weighs 56 pounds! He has far surpassed all our expectations and we just can't thank you enough. He is so smart. It doesn't take him long at all to learn new tricks. Where ever we go he is always happy to tag along, just wanting to be with us. He has an amazing attitude with our girls. Our three year old hugs on him and wants his attention all the time. He is so patient and doesn't seem to mind her high energy. You guys couldn't have chosen a better addition to our family. Thank you! Hope all is well.

The Jenkins

Bob & Pat,

Sam turned one yr old in Dec. & he is even more wonderful as a one yr old than he was as a puppy.
Everyone loves him & he is such an important part of our family.
He is so adored that my sister had his baby portrait done as a Christmas present for us. I just got it & wanted to share it with you & Pat.
We are currently taking lots of pictures so that I can show you what a beauty he is.
Thank you so, so much for choosing the most wonderful dog for my family.
With great appreciation,
Charlotte  02/05/2013


Hope things are going well with you all over in the mountains! Rebel just turned 7 mos. old today and since we got our first snow last night, Jakob and I thought we would take and send you some updated photos while he introduced our puppy to playing in the snow. I use the term puppy loosely, as he's now close to 90 lbs. He's gentle as a lamb around our children but protective as a mother bear, should anyone approach our front gate. He sits on the front porch guarding the property like he's the new sheriff in town and everybody better behave! The FedEx drivers won't come onto our property without our help anymore, not because he would unnecessarily bite them-he wouldn't, but his bark is so deep (the kids call him Barry White) and his glare so intimidating (very Max-like eyes), they say they prefer we be present.

He's smart as a whip and we've taught him all of the basic obedience commands (with hand signals): sit, down, stay, stop, fetch, etc. I'm convinced he can learn just about anything with minimal effort, so we may try some informal Schutzhund training this spring. I want to stress what a wonderful, loyal family member Rebel's become. He's everything we were looking for in another dog, and we're so glad we found you guys before driving over to meet your family and bring our little (hard to believe looking at him now!) fur-ball home.
Take Care & God Bless,


Just wanted to touch base with you about Nila she is so big and beautiful she has brought such joy to our lives. Here is a picture of her. This was in November.
Anita Lockhart



Here's some random shots of our boy, Rebel. So busy w/work I didn't get a chance to give him a bath and groom him up real nice ahead of time but will do so very soon, so you can see how handsome he truly is all cleaned up.
We took him to the vet last week for a check-up and he weighed in at 49 lbs. (He's right at 4 mos. old.) The other dog owners in the waiting room all remarked how gorgeous he was.

Bob & Pat, Rebel is doing great. He's quite the swimmer. I'll try to send that video. The little guy is already trying to boss the girls around.

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Here is a picture of Magnum, we got from you last year, this is him on his 1st birthday. He's 102 pounds and is doing great! He's simply family... He goes for a jog with my son and plays Frisbee everyday. He jumps and spins to catch it. His Dad was Duke and Mom was Vicki (?), if memory serves right.

Cara and Roger Hill

 Hercules had his first birthday Friday and is doing very very well!! He weighs 92 pounds and loves running in the fields!! He is a real prize. Thanks

Hi Robert!

 I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how much we love our Zeus.  He is officially 12 weeks old now. We couldn’t be more pleased with him. Vickie & Max made a wonderful GSD when they made our little guy. I have enclosed a few pictures for you to see how much he has grown. His right ear popped up on this last weekend and then 3 days later………..up came the left….so cute. Although Jesyca (AKA Stinkerbell) would have liked for him to have one floppy, the rest of us are loving his new look.  He love to play rough with Michael but knows better than to with me (most of the time…lol)  He can  now fetch, sit and come here. We are working on “load up” but he can only put his front feet into the vehicle. We are also training him to wipe his feet upon re-entering the house. He hates it because he wants to run in and eat or play and I make him stop to do that. He groans and raises his front feet but it’s really like a tantrum…lol It’s really funny.  He is pretty much potty trained (except for the occasional, excited tinkle) He is a smart little guy. He is an indoor dog but loves to be outside during the day. He lets us know when he wants to go in or out. He just lightly taps the door.  I could go on & on. Zeus is FABULOUS!Not sure what he weighs but I can assure you, way too much to carry…UGH! He is a big boy. Hopefully he will grow into his big feet (still clumsy haha) and ears…lolI will keep in touch and THANKS AGAIN!God Bless You & your family!Warm Regards,Christie Metzger


Maggie and Lucie are doing great. They come to work with us every day and stay in a back room. This video is from me walking them just a minute ago


 Bob ,Hope you are doing well.  Maggie and Lucie are getting bigger and bigger.  They are wonderful dogs......  Checkups are good and they have been a wonderful addition to our lives...thanks again.  chris

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I have meant to write many times & tell you both how much we appreciate what you & Pat do. Because of your dedication to GSD's & animals in general you have made my family happy again.

Sam is ssooooo totally wonderful!! He is smart, funny, alert & totally dedicated to his humans. I could write a book about the many ways we love him.
He came to work with me the first four months & as a result has his own fan club. My patients would call just to see how he was doing & if they could come see him. Now that he is bigger & more active he spends half days about two days a week at work. He lets me know when he wants to come to work by standing at the kitchen door. When he is ready to leave work he sits by the car. Like I said an amazing dog!
I will write soon & include pics so you can post.
Until then thank you so much!!!
Charlotte (Sams biggest fan & Mom)


Dear Pat & Bob,
We finally got home around 530 & all our neighbors were there to greet our new "baby". They all love Sam & enjoyed his antics. He fit right in.
 The kids & I could not believe how well he did in the car. There were no accidents. We would stop * he did his business & we played.
 There is so much more to tell you both & of course its all good. Sam is asleep & I am not far behind him.
I will keep you posted & I hope you sleep well with your new mask. If you have any questions tomorrow dont hesitate to call.
Its the least I can do.
Thank you both so much. Talk soon,

 Hi there, it's great to hear from you! You will have to let the doctor know that he will probably have to wait for a Max/Peanut puppy because he could not give us enough money for our special Leyna! Sounds like you may be breeding Peanut again soon? We can't go anywhere without people complimenting on how beautiful and good-natured of a dog she is. What makes her so beautiful is not just her markings and coat, but her extraordinary temperament and intelligence. She has not shown even one sign of aggression with us or the children, and is so approachable and friendly, yet appropriately protective of the 3 children. It is amazing to watch her at the dog park because she is not fearful of any size dog and will play with anyone, she can definitely hold her own! But then every few minutes she comes running back to me for praise, water, and a quick belly-rub before she is off and wrestling around again. Many have asked where I purchased such a great dog and I have wished I had a handful of your cards to pass out!! I have told many others about Willowspring Shepherds. I am excited for you about the upcoming litter of puppies, I'm sure thy will go fast. I wish you and Pat a Merry Christmas!

Many blessings,
Stephanie Gorman

Hi Bob and Pat,

How are you? How are Max, Peanut, Duke and your other dogs? We are thoroughly enjoying Leyna and wanted to send you some updated photos of her. She definitely looks like a Willowspring! Favors her Daddy Max, but has Mommy's personality, I think :-)  She is such a sweet dog! Every night she goes around to each child's room one at a time and opens their door using the doorknob, hops up on their bed, waits for them to say their prayers, licks them goodnight, then moves on to the next kids' room and does the same thing! She just earned her AKC Puppy Star and will be moving on to her CGC award next. Thank you so much for her!

Stephanie Gorman & family

I thought you might like a few photos of the female puppy I bought from you a month ago.  I named her Sonya.  The adult shepherd in the photos is her new Step-Mother, Sophie.  The large cat is Boris and the Calico cat guarding her is Natasha.  Thanks for the wonderful addition to my family.  She is smart and affectionate (when she isn’t trying to chew everything in sight) and she fits in well with the other animals.  She is also growing at a tremendous rate (compare the two bottom pictures which were taken about a week apart).
Richard Creighton



Bob & Pat,

As you both are aware my husband (Robert) surprised me four weeks ago with a Max/Peanut puppy whom we named Barrett! Ohh was I ever surprised and at the time I couldn't stop crying! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch with you both but I wanted to update you on how well he is doing! Barrett, as with all your puppies, is a beautiful dog and we get compliments on him daily. He is growing fast and gets wiser everyday. Speaking of intelligence, I had always heard that German shepherd dogs were smart, but to experience it first hand is another story. Barrett is amazingly intelligent! From day one of getting him we have been working on many obedience commands. He now knows sit, stay, come, down, gentle, get it, release and kennel. We are still in training on heel and proper food manners, but he is making great head way. It is amazing to watch him as we train because you can tell by looking at his face that he is eager to learn new commands and willing to please! Thank you so much for being such responsible and educated GSD breeders. We are amazed at the the great work you do and the wonderful puppies you have! Thank you for allowing us to share in the joy of being a GSD owner, a responsibility we take with pride! I will attach some photos of Barrett! I hope you enjoy the pictures and again thanks for everything!     08/02/2011
Hi Bob and Pat,

Leyna was 7 weeks, 5 days in these photos. I have to take photos of her regularly because she seems to grow bigger every day! She is so special, and I can't thank you enough for her. We bring her everywhere with us! She has gone berry picking twice (and loves blackberries and blueberries), down to the lake, several car trips, and out to the garden every morning with us. She is not intimidated by anyone or anything, I haven't seen anything frighten her yet. Leyna was completely potty trained in just a couple days. Leyna greets the children at the door when they come home~ she absolutely loves to see them and plays tag with them around the house! If I can ever do anything for you, please let me know. I would be glad to be a referral if someone would want to call me and inquire about your puppies. Once again, thank you for a beautiful, intelligent girl and for all the hard work the two of you put into breeding and raising quality shepherds.

Many blessings,
Stephanie Gorman   07/14/2011




I got your phone message asking about Crackerjack. I've attached a picture of her taken on White Top about a year ago. She is AMAZING and wonderful. I can't tell you how much I love that dog!  She is my constant companion as much as circumstances allow. She goes horseback riding and camping with me. I've even taken her on the trails a few times and she did great!  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She's the most humble dog. I have four other dogs and she gets along wonderfully with them. I can't imagine her not being a part of my life now. Getting her was one of the best things I've ever done.

Debra       Friday, April 8, 2011 12:31 PM

 Hi guys , I just started Baron in the beginner class at pet smart  ( I could not find anything closer ) . The minute we walked in the ring the trainer Angie Reeses said  thats a willowspringshepherd and he looks just like his father , she also used  Baron  to demonstrate different exercises and afterwards she said he had a awsome disposition because he was so calm and most GSD 's  don't work well with a stranger . I was very proud . Take care I'll keep you updated on Baron;s progress in class . Kathy Smith


 Hey Bob....Here's a pic of Hans...growing like a weed!! Very much loved....sleeps in the bed with his mom every night....wonderful partner for her!!! Lisa
 December 1, 2010, 4:10 PM



Hi Bob and Pat!
We have got our new puppy all settled in and our Yorkies have made friends! I think we will be naming him Emmit-- this is German for "Strong" and "All-containing/universal".  We will send updated pictures as he grows up if you would like! It was very nice to meet you guys and I can tell all your dogs are well cared for and loved!
Thanks again,

Just wanted to let you know that the puppy has been delivered and is loving his new home!! He is playing and having a blast. He hasn't slept alone since we've had him and the boys were sooo excited to see him. Linda loved him....said he was awesome and beautiful and the best present anyone could have gotten her. He definately got an awesome home!! Thank you for everything....we will definately get another one from you!! He is a wonderful dog!!      Lisa    Dec 21, 2010


 I was just sending pictures of him to my Mom.  He is a joy.  He has already learned come, sit, and lay down.  He still needs practice with come with distractions in the room or around him.  And, you know, he uses his mouth for everything.  So, we will say no bite and then get up and ignore him, which has worked very well for him with me, but we are still working on it with the kids.  All and all, he is calm, trying to please and learn, and so sweet and adorable.  I am sure I will probably email you with questions.  Thank you.                Katherine             Dec 20, 2010


 Bob and Patty
I just wanted to give you an update on Cracker. Other than when she was spayed I haven't spent one night without her. As much as possible she goes where I go. I can't imagine life without her over this past year. Her fur has absorbed a lot of my tears and she listens when I need to talk.  She's the sweetest dog. I can't imagine a more perfect fit for me. That dog was meant to be mine. I've taken her camping several times. She's the best traveling dog and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs. I hope you have a good holiday season. Debra


Hi Robert,

Just another update on Bear.  He earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) last week.  Unfortunately there were so many dogs being tested they were not taking photos.  I will try to have my son take a photo of us with the framed certificate as soon as we receive it from AKC.  We have been experiencing real Bears on our property(as in right outside our windows!!) and my Bear is going nuts.  I have to have him on a leash when he goes out otherwise I know he will take off trying to track them. Speaking of Tracking,  that is the next skill I think I will challenge him with. I found a good trainer in Weaversville, NC.  Have to keep him busy!
Also, the co-owner of the facility I have taken him to was talking to me last night at our dog club meeting about her friend Suzie Palmer. I know she has called you...serveral times...and she desperately wants one of the pups from your next litter.  She even came to one of Bear's training classes so she could see him....of course fell in love. She wants to give you a deposite to secure a dog.  Anyway....could you PLEASE call her at ********.  I have been assured that Suzie has been a very good,responsible  dog owner.
Hope all is well with you and your family and that your son remains safe!!

Pat Olesen

Hi Robert & Pat,Its been awhile since we’ve update you guys on our Koda. So be prepared for a lot of bragging .I cant believe he’s a year old now. He’s just the greatest dog ever. Everyone who meets him goes nuts over him. He truly is a beautiful dog. He weights at 99 + pounds & the vet says that’s is right where he should be. We’ve had him on a diet of chicken, greenbeans,sweetpotatoes,brown rice, everything that is good for him ever since we brought him home and it really shows in his coat. Its so shinny & healthy looking. His favorite treats are apples & carrots.He still has to be in the middle of everything,it dosen't matter what your doing, he’s going to help. He has never been afraid of a noise of any kind. He thinks he has to go everywhere we go and does most of the time.He’s really good when we go on a trip never barks at anyone or shows any kind of aggression unless someone tries to touch one of the family. He lets them know real quick that’s not allowed so everyone feels safe when he’s around. At home he makes us proud the most. When he’s outside and someone drives up he wont let them out of the car until we say it ok. If he’s inside he stands at the door daring them to open it. When he sees that’s were ok he settles down, lets them in and lays in the middle of the living room just so he can keep a eye on them. I can honesty say we feel completely safe when Koda is around. At night when bedtime comes, he goes from room to room checking on everyone making sure everything is ok. I could go on and on about this guy. He is everything anyone could ever want and so much more. We love him more than words can say. We are so glad we found you guys. I am sending a few pictures hope you enjoy ,Thank you both for raising such beautiful and wonderful German Shepherds!  __Paul & Ellen




 Hi Bob and Pat

Just doing a bit of Bragging....sending along the graduation  from Obedience Class photo of Bear.  He was the youngest, turning just 8 months at conclusion of class, the biggest at 90+ lbs, and of course he was the Best in His Class!!      ,Pat


Hi Bob and Pat,
Here are some pictures of Rebel. He is doing great and having so much fun with our other dog Jessie. He is getting so big.
I wouldn't take a million bucks for him. We love him so much. He is so smart and we are all having so much fun. He loves to be outside.  when he does something that he is not supposed to be doing and we yell at him he takes off running. We swat him with a newspaper and boy he knows he is doing wrong. He doesn't even go potty in the house he goes out with our other dog. He is something else.
He has brought so much joy to our lives.  Let me know what you think about the pictures..Thank you Bob and Pat.
 See you guys soon!

 I’ve attached a few pictures of Cracker in her new home.  She’s wonderful, and has fit right in with her new family.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  I’ve sent a few extra pictures of her just so you can see how well she’s developing.  I’ve also sent you one of the rest of the “pack” so you can see who she has to play with.  I tried to get one of her in with them, but she was not interested in being still long enough!  I am so glad I got her.  I can’t imagine life without her now!