Here at WillowspringShepherds we have the  right to protect our  breeding program,that is why we have a NONE breeding contract,even with out contract it is a binding rule ,that if you buy a Puppy from us with limited AKC ,then you have absolutly no right breeding the puppy ,MALE OR FEMALE,we do not want to hurt the dog by asking you  to fix them,we should be able to trust the person we sell to ,but In the past we did  have some  people breeding our puppies and selling them with no papers or changing to CKC.We have DNA that matches ALL THE PUPPIES,and if we find anyone breeding the Dog without  our permission (Consent) ,we will prosecute to the fullest.I hope you understand. Thank you


        No Breeding Contract for  
         Willowspring shepherds

By signing this agreement, That this

willowspring shepherd puppy (_AKC#_________________________)will not be bred, sold ,
or transferred ,If so Willowspringshepherds has the right to reposes
the puppy back at NO charge to the breeder.If agreement has been made in advance to sell
their puppy Willowspring shepherds needs to know where and to whom it will be sold too.
All our dogs have a DNA  test (proof) and if found that the Puppy was bred ,
then willowspringshepherds will prosecute  to all legal aspects.
Print buyers name ___________________________